If you are trying to grow a new lawn or restore a neglected yard and are interested in doing some handy work yourself then look no further, because this article is for you!

Are you trying to grow a new lawn from seed, or restore a neglected yard and are interested in doing some handy work yourself? Look no further, because this article is for you!
Do it yourself lawn

Let`s get right into it!


Preparing the surface

If the area on which you want to grow a nice lawn on is not bare soil and you have to get rid of weeds or roots I recommend you use a garden tiller to help you loosen up the plants roots that you are trying to remove. A cheap manual tool does the job well enough when we are talking about small gardens, however for bigger areas you can find gas- powered tillers. If you are a one time lawn grower you can always rent a motorized tiller from your local hardware store or tool lender for about 60€.. Once the unwanted weeds are removed you should go through the area with a rake, just to gather the small leftovers and to give you a better picture if the soil is leveled or not.

Leveling the surface

To measure this you can pull out a simple string and fix it over the area on two sides, then mark the spots where you need to add or remove soil. Go trough the entire garden doing this! If the surface is uneven you might need a wheelbarrow and a shovel to help move the soil. An easy trick to mark where you need to add more soil is to hammer down a wooden stick near the string and mark the height of it. This way you will know by how much you need to raise the terrain even after the string has been removed.

Spreading the fertilizer

Once your surface is nice and flat you can start spreading the fertilizer. A 20 kg bag of fertilizer is enough for about 750 m²/8000 square foot. Depending on the size of  your project you can choose to spread it by hand. In this case you should absolutely be wearing protective gloves! Alternately you can buy a multi- purpose spreader for as little as 20€. If earlier you opted for a motorized tiller it may also come in handy tilling the fertilizer into the soil.

After finished you will need to even out the surface once more, before spreading the grass seeds. A simple flat slab of wood with a rope attached to both ends by your ingenuity is perfect for this task. Go over the area to flatten the loose soil! After finishing you need to compact it using a lawn roller. Again, this can be supplied by your friendly local tool lender or buy one online and have it delivered.

Spreading the seeds

With nothing further to do go ahead and spread the grass seeds. If you have a multi- purpose spreader this is where it comes in handy again. If not you can just spread the seeds by hand. There are lots of types of grass seeds out there. The type you need depends on what you are going to be using your new lawn for. If you are going to be stepping or going to have children playing on the grass, then definitely go for a sport mix! Sport grass supports wear and tear better. Some a bit more expensive types of seeds may have an odd blue or greenish color. This is because they are covered by a nutrient rich layer. This also absorbs moisture and helps emulate the right conditions of being in the ground for faster germination. Also the unnatural color coat on the seeds helps to keep birds from eating your lawn before it has the chance to grow. On average a 10kg bag of seeds will cover about 500m²/ 5400sq ft.  It is recommended to not be frugal. You are going to be enjoying the benefits of this one time investment for years to come, so more is better.
Once the seeds are spread you want to cover them with just a thin layer of fertile soil. It helps to keep moisture in, and to keep them from being eaten by birds or blown away by the wind. If needed rake over the surface one more time before compacting it with the lawn roller.


You are almost finished. The only thing left to do is water your new lawn to be. You want to keep the soil damp all the time. Watering in the morning and in the evening is mandatory! Also if the weather is hot keep an eye out, not to let the it dry up during the day. After about a week you can start to see your new grass start to grow.
If you are going through all this trouble you might think about investing in a sprinkler system as well. It does the watering for you on it`s own, even when you are away from home. You can learn more about automatic underground sprinkler systems by clicking here. 


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I hope you found this article helpful!
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