The electric versus gasoline- powered lawn mower debate has been going on for years and probably will do for some time to come. Today I am going to attempt to offer you an objective perspective on the matter. Each one has its own pros and cons, which we will go through in this article.

The electric versus gas powered lawn mower debate has been going on for years and probably will do for some time to come. Today I am going to attempt to offer you an objective perspective on the matter. Each option has its own pros and cons. We will go through these in this article so you can choose the best lawn mower for you.

Gas powered lawn mowers

As gasoline- powered lawn mowers came first it only seems fair to start our discussion weighing their pros and cons.
gas- powered lawn mower
Let`s kick it off by saying that out of the two choices, gas- powered mowers are generally the cheaper alternative. Keep in mind that this does come with added maintenance costs with time. With that said their durability is generally longer than an electric mower`s.  They emit smoke while working with them. Fact which can seem uncomfortable or rather pleasant depending on who is reading this article. Checking the fuel and starting the engine each time before use and between emptying the grass catcher can get a little tiring. If you opt for a bit more expensive model, you can buy one with button or key start to make it just a bit easier to handle. Some models come equipped with a handle lock. This helps the user to keep the mower running even when you take your hands off the handle. Out of the two, gas- powered models are the heavier. To remedy this problem and save some energy you can look for a model with front or rear wheel drive. Rwd makes it easier to climb hills or to drive over smaller ditches. Not having to worry about the extension cord helps mobility. In general gas- powered lawn mowers are more powerful, although in recent years their electric counterparts have been starting to catch up with them as technology progresses.

Electric lawn mowers

Electric lawn mowers are the less noisy, smaller, generally lighter companions we can opt for on our laps around our back yards for years to come. Keep in mind that they should be considered generally for smaller lawns. The big issue with electric mowers is their range. If you opt for a less expensive model at the moment, you are probably going to end up having to plug in your mower while you are working in your garden. A battery operated one will set you back by 200€ and over, equivalent to around 240$. Corded models usually do not come with the cable included. If we calculate the cost on your electric bill for mowing after an average summer, it will amount to about 4€. It is much less than what you are going to spend on gasoline. Paired with less maintenance this makes it the logical choice for relatively small back yards. If you decide to get a cordless lawn mower you have to keep in mind that the currently available models will need to be recharged every hour or so. A solution to this problem is switcing out the battery for a charged one. This can be a problem when mowing larger areas .

After familiarizing ourselves a bit with both contenders let`s compare them:

Gas- powered Electric
Performance +
Mobility +
Weight +
Noise emission +
Required maintenance +
Autonomy +
Convenience +
3 4

Examining the main factors it would seem that the electric lawn mower comes out on top. With that said keep in mind that there are specific circumstances in each case that need to be considered before buying your new handy tool.


The verdict is that if you have big areas to cut, uneven terrain and thicker grass you should opt for a gas- powered push lawn mower, but if you have a small garden with a nice and even lawn than you should definitely go for electric!
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