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Pros and Cons of Home Solar Power Systems

Greenhouse effect or global warming is seriously taking its toll on our planet. We really have to do something about it! There is an urgent need to go green and one of the ways to do this is to go solar.

Having a solar power system installed in your home will not only help you to generate your own clean power, it will also help eliminate the power bills or reduce it to the very least.

Installing a solar panel or a photovoltaic cell has numerous pros against cons. As this is a very good development, there are only a few cons because with solar you almost can’t go wrong.

In this post, we will x-ray both the pros and cons, solar panel cost, how to get the best solar panels and other things you need to know about installing your home solar system.

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How do solar panels work?

The way solar panels transform sunlight into electricity is amazing.

First, the photovoltaic cell traps and collects direct sunlight. This is why it is always placed slant in open spaces or at the rooftops.

Then the next step is for inverters to convert the solar power into electricity. All this does is convert direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) that can be used by every day home appliances. The inverter is usually found on the back of each solar panel or mounted somewhere along your home solar power system.

From there, electricity flows into your net meter. If more energy is produced by your solar panels than your home is currently using, the surplus is routed into the electric grid. This will result in lower electric bills or can be returned at a later time when needed.

solar power system

Pros of Home Solar Systems

  1. Electricity Bills Are Eliminated 0r Reduced

Depending on your choice to either go partially or completely solar, installing photovoltaic cell can either eliminate your electricity bills partially or completely as the case may be. If you happen to have an electric car than your travel costs become greatly reduced.

  1. Helps Improve the Value of Your Home

When the time comes to travel or relocate and you want to sell your home, the value of homes having solar power system installed is higher than those which do not.

  1. You Are In Control

There is a rising energy cost everywhere, the United States, Canada, England, everywhere. Having a photovoltaic cell installed gives you control as you do not need to bother about this extra expense.

  1. Carbon Emission Is Reduced

When you have solar installed, you do not bother about burning fossil fuel. The air around you is cleaner and the environment is free from that extra pollution.

solar power system

Cons of A Solar System

  1. It Can Be Selective

Many rooftop solar panels are installed by connecting a mounting system which is also known as ‘racking’ to the roof.  Some old roofing materials like cedar tiles or slate may be difficult for solar engineers to work with.

  1. Electricity Cost May Render It Expensive In The Long Run

If you live in areas where electricity costs are low, the savings you get from having solar may be too low to boast of. Your solar panel cost may not be covered soon enough.

  1. Finding Quality

It is a bit tricky finding quality engineers who will justify your solar panel cost. If one employs the services of quacks it may mean spending more on services and repairs than one would hope for.

solar power system


Pricing Of Solar Panels

Prices of photovoltaic cells have been plummeting for the past few decades. Finally we have arrived to a point where this amazing technology is available for everyone.

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The price of a solar panel is determined by its capacity. It goes without saying the more powerful it is, the more expensive it will be. You can get solar panels (for home use) starting from $5600 for a 5 KW panel to $25k for a 14.8kw panel. Your location is also a factor in determining the price.

Click “See estimates” to find out exactly how much you can save by using solar power in your home and to compare offers from dozens of qualified solar installers near you!

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The durability of your solar panel depends upon its usage and capacity. Ordinarily, a properly installed and well maintained solar panel may last up to 25 years.

solar power system

For the best products on the market, it is a tricky one to call what the best solar panels are. This is partly due to most people attributing price to quality which isn’t always the case. However, as of mid-2018, the top 3 manufacturers of the best solar panels are Trina solar, Jinko solar and Canadian solar.

To get your solar panel installed may not be too difficult. It is even doable if you are a DIY person. However, it is best to call a technician to help out. You don’t want to make the mistake of connecting your solar line to your main power grid without a proper knowledge of how it works.

It is worth mentioning, that most states offer some sort of subvention or tax relief in case one wants to go green.


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