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How to Choose a Leaf Blower?

Choosing a leaf blower shouldn’t be that hard of a choice? Seemingly, it’s not until you decide to get one. Cordless leaf blower or electric leaf blower, different manufacturers and models, things start to get confusing.

A leaf blower is not a one-off equipment. It is an essential landscaping equipment that you will require throughout the year.  This means that you can’t just buy one (because it felt right) and feel like a fool later.

To set things straight and simple, let us go through some readily available leaf blowers.

Corded Electric Leaf Blower:

Corded leaf blowers are most common. They are light and offer easy one-handed use.

The most obvious drawback is mobility. You cannot take the leaf blower far away from the power outlet. Moreover, the cord can also cause issues in areas with difficult maneuverability like a lot of business and trees.

The benefit is that there is no battery or gas drain. You don’t to ‘refill’ the equipment for longer use. Further, cordless electric leaf blowers are also the cheapest.

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Cordless Electric Leaf Blower:

cordless leaf blower
The cordless leaf blower is a sigh of relief for those who hate the loud gas blowers as much as they hate the cords in electric blowers. They are light, quiet and easy to maneuver.

The compromise here is the power. Batteries don’t provide the same power and are thus not that robust as the alternatives. You can always upgrade to larger batteries, which will make the equipment heavier.

Also, take the size of your yard into account. If your yard is pretty large, you might want to get a spare battery. Otherwise, way too often the battery will drain, bringing your operation to a halt.

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Gasoline Leaf Blower:

gas leaf blower

They are best suited for large gardens and yards and provide great mobility with no fear of battery drain.

Gasoline leaf blowers are a little expensive but their power rating and other benefits make it a worthy investment. For some users, it`s pull start can be a little annoying. Some newer models also start with a separate power device.

Gasoline leaf blowers are great at what they do. The downside is that they are a noisy affair.

They are really loud and some users, therefore, can’t stand it. Users should, therefore, wear hearing protection. Even if you are indifferent to the loud sound, some neighborhoods won’t allow using very loud leaf blowers.

Final Word on Making The Choice:

While buying the leaf blower, you have to balance your priorities out, keeping your budget and requirements in consideration. Gasoline blowers are the fastest and most efficient. But, they are a little expensive, significantly heavy and very loud. For use, they require a hearing and dust protection.

Corded electric blowers are easier to use, with almost the same output. If mobility is not an issue and you want high-end results go for a cord electric blower. If your cleaning area is small, go for a cordless leaf blower. It is light and easy to use.

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