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The Best Above Ground Swimming Pools For The 2018 Season

If you enjoy a nice cool dip on a hot summer afternoon and would rather not turn your entire garden into a construction site for the summer, not even mentioning the rather hefty bill at the end, then an above ground swimming pool is the answer!

Actually there are several reasons you might want to buy one. Be it for the kids, for exercise or therapeutic reasons, I am sure there is one out there which is best suited for you. In this article I am going to try to give a few pointers on what to look for when deciding which above ground pool to choose and also list the best models presently on the market at the end.

Above ground swimming pools come in many shapes and sizes and are made of different materials. Each material has its own pros and cons. We can categorize them as being made of: plastic, rolled wall aluminium, resin, steel and resin- steel hybrid.

A plastic/rubber pool is the simplest and fastest way to dip yourself in some freshness. Usually, they are the smaller, more affordable pools on the market. They are the least expensive. Some models are so cheap, that you might consider buying one for only one season and replacing it the next year.

Intex Easy Set


Rolled wall aluminium above ground pools can be a good choice if you are thinking of keeping it long term as they are resistant to corrosion (rust). The strength of this material makes it possible to create a semi-in ground pool. The maximum recommended depth is around 60-70 cm. Keep in mind that this version is the most expensive of the ones I am going to mention here today.


Resin is the material you are looking for if you wish to maintain the water quality in the pool with the help of salt instead of chlorine or some other sanitizer. If you live in a colder climate and wish to leave your pool standing outside during the winter, it is highly recommended to opt for a more expensive version. Better quality resin swimming pools will do just fine outside for years but on their lower quality counterparts cracks will start forming eventually. The price of a resin above ground pool is cheaper than the aluminium version, though more expensive than steel.


Steel pools are generally a good bet. It is one of the most cost effective pools you can buy today. This, paired with its high life expectancy (generally 20+ years) makes it the cheapest alternative in the long run. It is worth mentioning, that professionals find this to be the easiest above ground pool installation, aside of course the simplest plastic versions. The biggest downside is that they do not go with salt. Therefore if you wish to sanitize your pool this way, you should definitely check out the other alternatives.

And last but not least we have the resin- steel hybrid swimming pools. Made of a combination of both materials it has a nice sturdy construction. As in general the pool is steel and the contours are made of resin, treating your water with salt is going to deteriorate the steel part the same as I mentioned above.

If you wish to use your above ground pool for exercise, than it is recommended that you buy at least a 27ft/8m one if round and 15x30ft/4.5x9m if rectangular.


Salt vs. Chlorine water sanitizer:

I would like to state now that using salt for maintaning water quality in your swimming pool will not make the water salty. If you opt to use salt in your backyard pool you merely do the ionizing of the salt yourself in the pools water, instead of a company doing it for you and selling you the pure chlorine. Salt is made of Natrium an Chloride. (NaCl) Using salt requires much less attention than the alternative. You can put the salt in the pool and not have to bother with it for a long time. It does require an external water recycling system though.

On the other hand chlorine should be added on a weekly basis to keep up the water quality. It is a toxic chemical, which can be rather unpleasant to swim in if you accidentally add too much to the water. This is why people have been looking for alternative methods for a long time. If you pay attention to the dose, you should be fine.

Using salt is more healthy and cheaper in the long run, but is the bigger investment up front. Also let`s not forget that you need to have a resin pool for this alternative to work. Chlorine on the other hand is highly effective immediately as you add it to the water, but as I stated before it requires more of your time and is more expensive, though you can buy it in smaller quantities.

Other chemicals you need to maintain the quality of your water as nice as possible are anti algae and Ph+/-. You can determine the water`s condition using a simple Poolmaster water quality tester.


Now let`s take a look at the best above ground swimming pools on the market at the present, in no particular order:

Pools by Intex:

Intex ultra frame:

Intex ultra frame

Modern looking and sturdy swimming pool. Customers have noted that the water pump could be a bit stronger and the included pool cover`s quality may disappoint.

To look at prices on Amazon click on the link below:

Intex easy set:

Intex easy set above ground inflatable pools come in several sizes and as the name implies, they are easy and quick to install. The easy set is an inflatable pool which comes with a low buying cost so you can even discard it once the season is over.

Intex Easy SetIntex Easy Set Intex Easy Set

8ftx 30in:

15ftx 48in:

18ftx 48in:

Intex metal frame above ground pool set:

intex metal frame pool

intex metal frame pool

The Intex metal frame pools are durable and resistant products, which are optimal for families with children. It is not obligatory to disassemble for the winter. It is a good idea to upgrade the water pump as the original might be just a bit too weak.

10ftx 30in:

18ftx 48in:

Intex oval frame pool set:

Intex oval pool

With its 20ftx12ftx48in it is a nice size oval above ground pool.

Look at prices and shop at:

Transparent ring:

You can look for prices at:


Galeria Round Above- Ground Swimming Pool:

Galeria round above ground pool

The Galeria 30ftx52in above ground round swimming pool is a high quality, durable product. It is compatible with salt water and comes in multiple sizes. It is designed to be installed once and can be left outside for the winter without any problems.

Look at prices and order at:

Alternately you can opt for a smaller size (15ft):


Rugged steel metal wall package:

above ground pool steel wall

Made from treated steel it should last a long time. The ladder on the other hand might need replacing as it is pretty weak.

Bestway steel pro:

Bestway Steel Pro

Bestway steel pro is one of the cheap alternatives you can find on this list. Easy to set up, with 3 ply walls for better support. It is perfect for families with small children and smaller available spaces.

You can order it from:

iPool D Set:

i pool deluxe

iPool is a bit different than the other above ground swimming pools we talked about today. It is meant for exercise and rehabilitative purposes. Thanks to its size, this pool can even be fitted in a garage or basement. It has a harness to keep you in place while exercising. The pool comes, with an included water heater, which might need a professional hand to install. It is not meant to be a play pool for kids.

Order from:

Blow up kiddie pool:


So this was a list of the more affordable pools worth buying at the moment.

I hope you found this article to be useful! Below you can find my Amazon affiliates disclaimer and tabs with the swimming pools listed above & also some pool chemicals and supplies you are going to need to get started.

Also be sure to check out my article: The 8 garden accessories you must have in 2018!

Amazon affiliates disclaimer.

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