The best patio ideas for 2018

Having your own little piece of paradise right in the back yard, be it for hosting group gatherings or just for your family to stretch out and enjoy after a hard day is priceless. Even on a tight budget you can work wonders on your outdoor setting, transforming it from an eyesore to a place you don`t want to leave.

Most people don`t have a clear picture of what planning a truly relaxing and inspired patio area involves. Don`t worry, it is not rocket science! I am going to break it down to smaller, more easily  chewable pieces, and give you a few choices of the best products on the market right now.

We can list the key features as follows:

  • focal point
  • seating
  • shading
  • heating
  • lighting
  • decorations
  • mosquito control

The focal point

A focal point is going to be center of attention around which you should construct the layout of the rest of the items. It can be personal memorabilia, a fire pit, a flower arrangement, statues or whatever.

Deciding on a fire pit as your focal point will also solve the issue of heating of which we are going to talk about a bit further in the article.  I have a friend, who went around both problems, by installing a wooden hot tub on his patio. Take that as a focal point!focal point

You can read my article on wooden hot tubs by clicking on the image or here.

Outdoor Square Propane Fire Pit 2 Outdoor Square Propane Fire Pit



patio set patio set

When choosing the best garden set for you, it is important to take into consideration the number of people you are going to be hosting most of the time and choose the size accordingly. A good quality woven wicker patio furniture set with waterproof cushions will go a long way. It is easy to manipulate and you don`t have to worry about the rain either. There are several do it yourself ideas, which if you have some free time on your hand you can create. You can order cushions separately for your project.

do it yourself patio do it yourself patio



There are several shading solutions you can choose from. Be it a simple stand alone umbrella, an offset umbrella or a shade cloth there is no shortage of good quality products on the market. Polyester material is recommended as it offers 100% UV protection for your outdoor setting.

patio umbrellaoffset patio umbrella

shading cloth



Heating at night and during the colder seasons is going to make all the difference in expanding the time you can spend comfortably outside. If you have a fire pit, than this issue is resolved already, but if not, here are some of the best patio heaters you can buy right now.



Personalizing the patio is up to everybody’s own taste.

patio outdoor setting outdoor setting outdoor setting patio decor outdoor setting
I have listed a few wacky patio decoration ideas below.

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patio lights

patio lights

The right lighting arrangement is going to bring your outdoor setting to life at night. There are several smart solutions to choose from. String lights first come to mind when talking about patio lighting, but it is worth to look around to find the solution closest to your heart. I wrote in a previous article about the new Playbulb Garden outdoor smart solar light, which is a multi color outdoor LED lamp that can connect to an app on your smartphone. From the app you can link up several lights, change colors, set color transitions, manage effects and a lot more.

Mosquito control

Thank you for reading, I hope you found the article interesting!

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